Welcome to Aldehulme ~VCMWX ~

.. certified welder by trade, CNC machinist/ programming designer…… Shaping, hammering, welding, the flame of the forge, I live for this.

Typical never suited me… convention never fit…..

The Rose

A unique approach to the creative process was taken with the creation of the first rose. Over the last few years, they have evolved to what they have become. Each one of these hand crafted flowers is unique. From custom colouring to size and shape, they all have their own “personality “. Anyways… presenting “The Rose”.

The Rocking Horse-fly

Inspired by Alices trip..caught by the light, displayed in shadow.. memories in metal.. Anyways.. “The Rocking Horse-fly

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LoveLess πŸ–€β€οΈ

The curse that it places and how time had changed, the makeshift shaped pieces have now rearranged.
A couple tin cans and an old piece of string, I’ve called several times, but the phone only rings.
You must have gone out, but I’ll leave you my name, I now know you’re not home, but I’ll see you again.

The tears on your face as I held onto mine, I’ve traced back through the years, and I’ve memorized these lines.. just down the path, where we burnt in the sand, we ran out our times, stolen straight from my hands
Walking the path of
twisted old pines, we just walked, and we listening to the lost loves of our times..
I offered my shield to protect you, my friend, but the god damn snake recoiled and then struck out again.

Time broke its promise, its hands placed a torch to our path, all that times been burned up, all that time went too fast…

now an old denim jacket hangs from a hook,as the air fills with these words from an old dusty book.

as is times turn, the snow back to warm rain, as is time will drag out until we see you again. ~Lonewolf ~

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