Day 63 March 2022

…so there I was..maybe 6 or 7..wide open fields, old winding dirt roads that seemed to carve out the very shape of the existence that it once took up occupancy upon and has resided over ever since.. The sky seemed as big as life those days, the bright blue whispered white by the scurrying clouds as they rushed by, their shadow momentarily thrown to the frozen fields below as to mark their passing…”cloud was here..March 1983″ …Warmth fills you on days like that, the sun acts like the warmth you’d pull from a bottle of lulls you to the dreams of days ahead, while the cool breeze of the receding winter keeps you stable  in your presence..keeps a boy steadfast in his boots, it was a bitter sweet reminder that you do infact exist..

“Dads in the sugar shack, first fires of March”, the hint of burning maple was always a dead give away.. soon it would be time to tap the trees again…As it was time to say hello to the thaw and to the warmth that the new season would bring it also would soon be time to say goodbye to my very best friend.. it would soon be time to  experience the cruelty of man for the first time…”cmon boys…let’s go for a run”…

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