Soooo…2 shots in the dark. Probably be more… lol, who am I kidding.. there will definitely be more 😜

Anyways…just sitting here thinking about what I want to write tonight. Some times I literally feel like I have so much to say and just never capture it, other times like now…well…just kinda stall out…
..”when I find myself in times of trouble mother Mary comes to me..speaking words of wisdom..let it be”..
Just let the Gin and music take over,  realized that I can infact feel something….as the warmth sets in the thoughts start to gather..why are they always so sad? Like rebooting the system always seems to default to the most of the least, in line just waiting and wanting something else..guess I’m just waiting for my number to be called..

… I can feel the smile wearing..maybe it’s just time for another dbl..

Anyways…nothing more than an old wolf howling at the moon..

🖤 from Valhalla…🐺

…long weekends…birthdays and all other means of bullshit..

So…its been a minute..or 2 since I last posted anything… I guessing Im sorry but in actuality I’m not… I mean, I wish I had an untapped vein of bullshit I could access at any given time..some random shit to just fill a post .. but I don’t.. and honestly glad I can’t write to just scroll trash… anyways. 45.. leveled up a couple days ago, leveled up …got older..whatever. Foooooorty Fiiiiivvvveee….I’m literally sitting here mouthing the words and tbh I’m sorta in disbelief…foooorty fiiiive…hmmm, I wasn’t supposed to get passed 29 tho…I mean, old Lee which ironically was young Lee never could have imagined such a thing! And of course, as with most things that like to change…I find this “level up” a bit different. I dont feel any older and obviously still as beautiful AF! 🤣🤣 jk, but something feels…dead.. I don’t quite know how to explain it better than using the word dead… Now I don’t necessarily mean me but something just feels different, reminds me of late fall as the skies grow grey, days grow shorter…things stall out and sorta start to fall apart..idk…Im sure if i over think about it and obsess over it and try to grapple sure ill figure it out..babbling here again.. anyways ..🤔..

Couple new projects roses… sticks..🙂🔫